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Two Candleberry Hot Maple Toddy Scented Candle Melts | Best Wax Melts for Candle Warmers | Scented Wax Melts | Cake Simmering Tart Melt

The Candleberry Company

  • Comes with two complete Hot Maple Toddy Tart boxes
  • HIGHLY SCENTED: This wax melt tart will fill whatever room you place it in. And does this candle ever cure your senses!Each box contains 8 slices of tart weighing 4.5 oz.
  • QUALITY SCENT - If you are looking for fun gifts for women in your life look no further! This candle both fills your space with life and is an odor eliminator candle.Burn Time: 12-30 hours
  • LONG LASTING BURN - Don't settle for cheap wax candle warmer melts that last a fraction of the time. These tarts are worth their price.
  • HANDCRAFTED HERE IN AMERICA- All Candleberry candles / tarts are poured in Kentucky, USA.

Hot Maple Toddy Simmering Cake Tart by Candleberry Maple honey. Grandma used
to cure all ailments with her special cup of warm spirits dashed with lemon
juice. The best part was the spoonful of maple honey. And does this candle
ever cure your senses! Get ready for the best candle ever. It's a piece of
cake! Candleberry Simmering Cake Tarts are traditional wax melts with a
contemporary spin, offering a highly concentrated fragrance in the shape of a
mini cake. Fragrances from the Candleberry Company reflect family traditions
and memories that so many of us share: special recipes, scents that filled our
homes during the holidays, reflections, emotions, all are so much more than
just a fragrance. Simmering Cake Tarts are sold individually in a custom
Candleberry box that contains 8 slices per cake. Each box contains 4.5oz of
wax. Burn Time: 12-30 hours

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