Without the strength of our community, The Charming Turtle wouldn't exist. We believe in giving back and building up others.

To that end, we regularly donate truckloads (seriously, truckloads) of shoes to local community organizations like YMCA Safe Place, Family Scholar House, Backside Learning Center at Churchill Downs, and plenty more.

With your support of The Charming Turtle, know that you're making a long-lasting impact in the lives of many.

Hear it first-hand from Silvia, a student with Backside Learning Center at Churchill Downs:

"I want to thank you so much for these boots. These are going to help me in my work with the horses, so that my feet stay dry. I am responsible for washing down the way in front of the barns where the horses walk after they exercise. My coworkers and are always looking for these kind of shoes that protect our feet from the water. Now that it’s getting cold, these boots will also keep my feet warm."