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Scout Elf Express Delivers: Letters To Santa

The Elf on the Shelf

  • Write a special letter to Santa
  • Shrink your letter using Mrs. Claus' Magic Press (placing in oven)
  • Sent the letter with your scout elf Straight to the North Pole
  • Once the letter is read, your Scout Elf will hang it on the Christmas tree
  • Paper shrinks letters to create beautiful keepsake ornaments (Scout Elf not included)

3 years & up. The Scout Elf Express delivers letters to Santa on time every time! Write your letters on Santa's special paper and use Mrs. Claus' Magic Press to shrink them down to Elf-size. Leave the letters out for Scout so he can tie them around himself and deliver them at magical speed! When the letters have been seen by Santa, Scout will hang them on the tree. Included: 8 Pieces of Santa's Special Paper, Mrs. Claus' Magic Press, 8 Ribbon sashes, 2 Markers, 2 Sheets of parchment paper, and a Beautifully-illustrated storybook that tells the story of Scout and his Express Delivery service. Scout Elf not included.

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