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Khombu Luke Men's Hiker Boot, Memory Foam + Enhanced Comfort System


  • Colors: Grey
  • Memory foam insole
  • Breathable mesh on upper
  • Flexible construction
  • Made in China
  • Upper: 70% Polyurethane | 30% Polyester
  • Lining: Polyester
  • Outsole: Thermoplastic Rubber

The Khombu Luke Men's Hiker Boot is a rugged and durable boot designed to provide comfort and support for hiking and other outdoor activities. The boot features a number of advanced comfort features, including a memory foam insole and an enhanced comfort system.

The memory foam insole provides cushioning and support for the foot, conforming to the shape of the foot for a custom fit. This helps to reduce pressure points and provide all-day comfort, even during extended periods of wear.

The enhanced comfort system is designed to provide additional support and stability to the foot, helping to prevent fatigue and reduce the risk of injury. The system includes a padded collar and tongue, as well as a reinforced heel and toe cap, providing added protection and support where it's needed most.

The Khombu Luke Men's Hiker Boot is also made with high-quality materials, including a waterproof leather and suede upper, a breathable mesh lining, and a durable rubber outsole. These materials work together to provide both comfort and protection, ensuring that your feet stay dry and comfortable in all weather conditions.

Overall, the Khombu Luke Men's Hiker Boot is a high-quality, comfortable, and supportive boot that is perfect for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. With its advanced comfort features and durable construction, it's sure to be a reliable and long-lasting addition to your outdoor gear collection.

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