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Hot Wheels City Ultimate Octo Car Wash Playset with No-Spill Water Tanks & 1 Color Reveal Car that Transforms with Water, 4+ ft Long, Connects to Other Sets, Gift for Kids 4 Years Old & Up

Hot Wheels

  • The Hot Wheels City Ultimate Octo Car Wash is an awesome self-contained playset that extends 4+ feet and features spectacular water play in conjunction with the innovative Color Reveal car that's like having 2 cars in 1.
  • Two separate water tanks facilitate the color-shifting features of Color Reveal vehicles, but there's also a ramp, loop and spiral to add to the action and push-around play!
  • Start the surprises with the initial reveal of the Color Reveal vehicle that's covered in a green coating. Fill the self-contained water tank with water, drop the car in, swirl, then lift the car out to reveal its look -so cool!
  • Fill the head of the octopus with cold water to spray the car with its tentacles as the vehicle progresses through the set; the car reveals entirely different colors and details
  • As the car runs through the set, excess water is caught in removable drain cups to provide a fun no-spill experience! The set also collapses to half its size for easy and convenient storage.

The Hot Wheels City Ultimate Octo Car Wash is packed with 4+ feet of awesome
features and comes with a car that offers multiple surprises to make kids want
to visit again and again! Straight out of the box, the Color Reveal vehicle is
covered in a green coating to kick off the adventures. Fill the first water
tank with water, drop the car in, and swirl it around for the initial reveal:
a cool Hot Wheels vehicle with a totally sweet deco! Run the car through the
set -that includes a loop -letting excess water drain off while admiring the
car's awesome details. Before the final wash, fill the octopus's head with
cold water and spray the car through the tentacles to reveal another entirely
different deco! Use warm water to change it back. Run the car through the car
wash and repeat over and over again to see it switch between the last two
color changes! Kids will love the action and transformation. Parents will love
the ability to fold it in half for compact storage. Colors and decorations may

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