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Foil Decor Serving and Casserole Carrier for 9x13 Foil Pans, Heat Resistant w/ Handles, Lid Locks in Place for Safe and Easy Carrying, Lid Doubles as a Serving Dish, BPA Free Made in USA


  • FOIL DECOR, SERVING TASTEFULLY- a decorative way to use and transport foil pans with the look of a tasteful casserole dish. This sturdy plastic casserole dish with lid is heat resistant and can house aluminum baking pans up to 375 degrees
  • HOW IT WORKS- Foil Decor has three components, the Base, Ring, & Lid. Place foil pan directly into the base, secure ring on the base over the rim of the pan. The Ring then snaps in place securing the pan. Snap on secure lid making it safe & easy for travel
  • ANY OCCASION, ANY SEASON- the only choice for potlucks, holiday events, tailgating, parties & picnics. Dress up your foil disposable baking pans at your next dinner party. They are stackable & No mess!
  • SAFE AND EASY FOR TRAVEL- our patented design locks your foil pan in place to reduce spills. Casserole dishes can be hot to the touch and difficult to transport. Foil Decors heat resistant plastic handles allow you to carry safely. The Lid Snaps in place, sealing in heat and preventing spills
  • CASSEROLE CARRIER AND SERVING TRAY- once you are ready to serve your dish, simply remove the lid, flip it over and use as a tray, for chips, bread, buns and more!

I came up with the idea and concept of Foil Decor while planning my wedding. I wanted something more decorative than plain foil pans and more convenient than glass casserole dishes. I couldn’t find it, SO I INVENTED IT!How we got our start?

The problem with foil pans is they are flimsy, not attractive, and hard to transport. Foil Decor has 3 components that work as a system to lock your foil pan in place. This turns your disposable foil pan into an elegant casserole dish. Foil Décor is reusable, super easy to clean, and stackable.What makes our product unique?

I want people to look at the Foil Décor system and think this has the look of an elegant table setting, but not expensive to purchase. More importantly I want the users and their guests to believe this is an elegant presentation of delicious food.Why we love what we do?

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