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  • A SUPERCHARGED serum with CLINICALLY proven hydration & youth boosting benefits
  • Charlottes Magic Serum Crystal Elixir tested on 209 women & men aged 18-80 over 4 weeks. 93% AGREE SKIN LOOKS YOUNGER!
  • Charlotte Tilbury has collaborated with EXPERT SCIENTISTS to bring you a GROUND-BREAKING serum for HYDRATED, YOUTHFUL-LOOKING skin. A magic matrix of ingredients, EXPERTLY BLENDED in a HIGH-PERFORMANCE ELIXIR to give your skin a MAGIC BOOST
  • Allow you skin to blossom to it's full loveliness with the use of these potent ingredients, featuring REPLEXIUM for younger-looking skin, Golden Vitamin C for a brighter-looking complexion, and hydration powerhouse Polyglutamic Acid a supercharged skincare ingredient thats over 4X more hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Look effortlessly more beautiful with glowing skin after just a short time using this incredible product!

With specially developed supercharged formula and multiple essences, this
serum is a perfect skincare for intensely hydrated, firmer, youthful looking
skin! Product Features: Nourishing: With specially developed supercharged
formula, it helps deeply nourish and smoothen the skin with REPLEXIUM,
SPIXANDRYL and SEPITONIC M3. Tightening: Enriched with Nicotinamide, it helps
repair your skin barrier, leaving brighter looking skin. Improving skin
vitality: Formulated with the crystal complex of Amethyst and Ruby, it helps
improve the vitality and brightness of skin. Moisturizing: Added polyglutamic
acid, it has a strong power of hydrating, leaving youthful and supple-looking
skin. Ingredients: REPLEXIUM, SPIXANDRYL and SEPITONIC M3: Nourishing and
tightening skin Nicotinamide: Brightening and repairing skin barrier Crystal
Complex: Improving the vitality and brightness of skin Polyglutamic Acid:

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