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Disposable Shoe Covers 100 Packs



For floor: this shoes covers were made for protecting
floors, with the non-skid design, it is a perfect addition for everywhere,
make you stop worrying about floor being scratched or scuffing somehow by
someone's shoes with rough surface. For home: very good for keep your home
clean and tidy, easily putting somewhere beside doors or on wall whenever will
give your home a special and nice feeling. Effectively prevent outside germ
from transition inside if you have a baby or kid. Especially if there are new
rugs carpets etc. you will need such a porsable shoes covers to save your
labor of cleaning all big space up after children's playing and so on. For
guest: there is no question different visitors will go in and out of your
house but not for a long stay like contractors, people to maintian or repair,
it's not always reasonable (safe) to ask everyone to remove shoes and these
shoes covers will help you greatly in servicing people so they aren't tracking
outside chemicals/dirt/etc into house and do you a great favor in saving the
money for different sizes home slipperies. Especially when you are selling
your house, these packs would leave a good impression to peoples and help a
lot of tiresome cleaning up. Besides, everyone will appreciate the
thoughtfulness for them. Really a economical and practical solution for all
problems. For going out: if you go out or into your backyard where is muddy
and dirty especially after a rain day, it will quite protect your shoes from
dust and debris to keep from bringing mud into your house soil your carpeting,
if you go to friends' or cliends' home, bring this with you to show your
respect and not feel embarassed at the same time. For cars: driving everyday
to schools or companies can get dirt and dust into your car and feels
uncomfortable but still a hassle to clean up every time after driving, now you
can put these covers on while driving and take off once stop. Convenient and
re-useful. For business: spray tan business to keep spray tan of the bottom of
the clients feet; poultry industry for suiting up; for real estate agent when
prospective buyers tour a home; for medical and all laboratory where need
clean air and floor. These shoe covers don't have a front or back so you don't
have to worry about putting them on backwards and not being able to get them
on. They go on fairly easy. Big enough for different size shoes, if you have
smaller feet you may have some extra shoe cover off the back after putting
them on, but still very comfortable and nice. It got an elastic band on the
ankle for a secure and universal fit. It keeps apartment much cleaner and
people don't have to fumble around taking their shoes off and worrying about
being barefoot or having holes in their socks. Wonderful for "" No Shoes ""
policy house.

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